Did you know that the first 72 months of your child’s life are the most intense in terms of his growth?

During that time, his body goes through more changes than at any other stage of his development. That’s why it’s important to find products that are tailor-made for children to maintain his day-to-day health and well-being.

Halykoo’s products are created with targeted formulas that combine accurate dosing and principles with effectiveness, delicateness and natural ingredients.As a mum, you’re starting a brand-new adventure: a voyage of love and discovery of your little one. Every day, you’re learning to recognise the signs he makes and to better understand his needs.

At this age, newborn babies rely
completely on their mothers, who
in turn rely on products that are
accurately dosed and safe to use.

This is when weaning starts!
An all-important time when babies
start to communicate and express
their personalities.

When curiosity is what it’s all about!
Children become more aware of their
surroundings and their interaction with
their parents.

Time to start school: the first step on the
road to adulthood! There’s a growing need
for independence, and for discovering new
things every day.

Halykoo’s innovative solutions have been created exactly because of these needs, and not just the child’s, but also the parents’ – solutions that combine scientific formulas with simple and effective methods of administration. A range that’s all about the final goal – smiles on children’s faces – and peace of mind for those who take care of them as they grow.

Skin care

Cough & Cold

Eyes, ears and mouth

Food supplements