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Do you know which viruses to stay away from?

There are hundreds of viruses that can cause the common cold, and a sharp wind or an overheated, stuffy room can irritate the throat. When we cough or sneeze, we release tiny liquid particles (known as Flügge droplets) into the air around us at speeds of up to 180 kilometres per hour, and anyone within a few feet runs the risk of being infected. Germs can also be spread on your hands – sometimes we might forget to wash them after sneezing or blowing our nose. Occasionally, infections are transferred via the saliva on something a sick child has put in their mouth. If children are well wrapped up, playing outside in the winter doesn’t have to mean that they will come down with a sore throat or a cold. Quite the opposite, in fact: fresh air is always good for them.

Let them run their course, if you can!

There is no specific treatment for viruses such as the common cold. Once they have managed to make their way into the body, viruses activate the immune system, which in turn releases a highly targeted attack on the infection. In their early years, a child’s defence system is less able to react and their immune response is less efficient because it isn’t yet fully developed. Children are born with a ‘clean slate’ when it comes to their immune system, purely because the antibodies that their bodies are perfectly capable of producing later in life have yet to come to the fore. So, however much of a pain they can be, sore throats and colds help a child’s immune defences to develop.

The airways - a playground for viruses

Warm, dark and welcoming, the upper airways are an ideal place for cold viruses to thrive. The nose, the pharynx, the epiglottis and the larynx – these are the first areas they reach, before infiltrating the only entrance into the lower airways and then the alveoli in the lungs. These parts of the body serve various anatomical purposes, such as speech production and the regulation of body heat, but their function is first and foremost a protective one. Eye lashes and nasal hairs stop the larger particles in the air from getting in. Larger quantities of mucous are produced when the upper airways are infected, while dust and microorganisms are expelled immediately. The tonsils also play a very important role in the immune defences of the mucous lining of the oropharynx, which is why it’s better to still have them.

When coughing takes over...

Although we often consider it to be the ‘enemy’, coughing is actually a natural defence mechanism used by the body to rid itself of any irritants that we have come into contact with. Unfortunately, it is also very distressing. It irritates the throat and bronchial tubes, preventing your child from sleeping well at night. Before bedtime, clean your little one’s nose gently whilst keeping his head slightly raised, and give him a soothing cough syrup, steam inhalations and a diet rich in fluids to provide relief for his airways. But don’t forget the most important medicine of all: plenty of cuddles from mummy and daddy!

Be there with lots of cuddles

Your child’s infected throat can heal with the help of a soothing spray, as well as making sure you wash their nose regularly to keep it clean and loosen mucous. Help your child get a good night’s sleep with the vapours of essential oils. At the same time, keep their food light, and give them lots of liquids. And finally, don’t forget to give them lots of cuddles!

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