Mouth ulcers? What a pain! Just one drop and everyone’s
happy again.
You need a particular gel to treat those little red spots and blisters – it relieves the discomfort and your child will feel better in no time.

Mouth ulcer soothing gel with
hyaluronic acid
(EEC medical device)

Acts as a barrier. Protects and soothes.

  1. Here’s how I can help you!
    Mouth ulcers (or to use their scientific name, aphthous stomatitis) are tiny annoying sores that can appear on the inside of the mouth, and on the gums and tongue. When the top layer of skin tissue is gone, nerve endings are exposed, which can hurt and cause a lot of discomfort. Many things can cause them: they’re often linked to fatigue, an accidental injury or poor oral hygiene. If mouth ulcers recur frequently, it’s best to have them looked at, as there can be underlying causes that require a doctor’s attention. In most cases mouth ulcers don’t need to be treated with drugs, and that’s when Halykoo Mouth Ulcer Soothing Gel with Hyaluronic Acid comes in help. Thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid high-molecular weight, it creates a protective layer isolating the sore and favors the repairing and regenerating processes.
  2. Before you use me, let me explain what I’m
    made of …
    My formula is a mixture of hyaluronic acid, which has a high molecular weight, and the plant-based ingredient aloe vera.
    I can’t cure the cause, but when I’m applied to the mouth ulcer (which is, in fact, a break in the skin), I quickly create a thin and imperceptible protective layer over it, soothing it and promoting healing. And I also taste of yummy vanilla, so applying me inside your child’s mouth isn’t a problem.
  3. The best place to store me …
    Store me in my packaging along with my instruction leaflet, in a cool, dry cupboard, away from light, heat and sunlight – and curious children!
  4. What you should check before using me …
    My use-by date, which you’ll find printed on my box and the end of my tube, is only valid as long as I’ve been properly stored in my original packaging. Don’t use me if my box is damaged or after the use-by-date. Once I’ve been opened, use me within 30 days.
  5. Here’s how to get the best out of me…
    Apply me directly to the mouth ulcer, without using your fingers – that’s why I have a long, ergonomically-designed applicator. Apply one or two drops of gel to completely cover the sore, and avoid direct contact between it and the applicator so as not to contaminate it. You can apply me between one and four times per day, depending on need. Encourage your child not to touch the sore with their tongue for a few minutes, to give me time to create the protective layer.
    Make sure that your child doesn’t eat or drink anything or use other products for at least an hour after application, and put my cap back on after every use – and be careful that your child doesn’t grab it!
  6. Lastly, just a few things to be aware of
    I am only for use inside the mouth and always under your supervision. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact, rinse your child’s eye out for a few minutes with warm running water.
    I should only be used for one child. It’s better to have more than one box in the house and write each user’s name on it.
    I do not contain sugar or anaesthetic medication, and extensive research has gone into my formula to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. Do not use me if you know or suspect your child is hypersensitive to any of my components, and if they are already using other oral products such as medication or medical devices, please consult your doctor.
    I have not been tested for continuous and long-term use. In the event of irritation or sensitivity, avoid further use and consult your paediatrician.
    I am suitable for children over two years of age.
The sweet taste of
vanilla makes taking
it a pleasure.