Nappy rash? Now there’s a solution in a spray. It’s the most common of day-to-day ailments, but the right
zinc oxide cream can make redness and irritation a thing
of the past.

Nappy cream spray with zinc oxide

Soothes and helps regenerate
delicate skin

  1. Here’s how I can help you!
    Wearing a nappy can sometimes disturb the delicate balance of your baby’s skin in an area that’s already very sensitive. Without regular cleaning or airing (such as those occasions when a nappy change just has to wait), even the slightest irritation can lead to redness or rash. In moments like this, Halykoo Nappy Cream Spray with zinc oxide can help to heal the skin.
  2. Before you use me, let me explain what I’m
    made of …
    I’m an emulsion spray, which ensures a gentle application onto sore skin. The zinc oxide has been micronised (to tiny liquid droplets) so that it is distributed evenly. My 3 main ingredients are zinc oxide, avocado oil and almond oil sourced from certified organic growers. These ingredients work together naturally to create a fine, dual-action protective film: the zinc oxide helps to reduce the redness while the blend of oils moisturizes, enabling the skin to heal. I also have 2 unsaturated fatty acids, Omega 6 and 9, to promote the production of sebum, a physiological function which occurs in older children but is not yet fully developed in infants.
  3. ...the best place to store me...
    Store me in a cool dry place, away from heat and sunlight (and curious children!).
  4. ...what you should check before using me!
    Make sure your baby’s skin is clean and dry. Check the use-by date, which you’ll find printed on my box and spray bottle. Once I’ve been opened, use me within 6 months.
  5. Here’s how to get the best out of me!
    After removing the nappy and washing your baby’s bottom (maybe with warm water), pat the skin dry with a soft cloth, being careful not to rub. If the room is warm enough, leave the nappy off for a few minutes to allow the air to circulate on the skin. Then make sure my nozzle is pointed towards your baby’s bottom and spray me on evenly. If you use me at every nappy change, I’ll help you to maintain the physiological balance of the skin. Oh, I almost forgot! Remember to shake me before use.
  6. ...lastly, just a few things to be aware of...!
    I‘m for external use on the skin only. Do not inhale me and avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth. Make sure to use me according to the instructions hereof: this reduces the risk of undesirable effects. I’ve been dermatologically tested and approved, and extensive research has gone into my formula to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. However, in the event of skin reaction or any undesirable effect upon application, avoid further use and consult your doctor. I don’t contain parabens, colouring agents, allergens or phenoxyethanol. Be sure to check the list of my ingredients and don’t use me if you know, or suspect, your baby is hypersensitive to this product or any of its components. Please keep the illustrated leaflet for future reference.
Thanks to its practical
spray nozzle, the cream
becomes a soft cloud.