Scratching your head about head lice? Giving them their marching orders is
easy, with just a comb and a spray!
Head lice love to set up camp in children’s hair, but don’t
worry! All you need is a conditioner spray – it helps you to
eliminate the lice effectively and to protect the irritated
scalp. Now the problem is sorted... right at the roots!

Bye-Bye Head Lice conditioner spray

Eliminates head lice and eggs
Protects irritated scalps

  1. Here’s how I can help you!
    As a parent, you know only too well that your child’s hair and scalp can often have tiny and very stubborn guests to stay — head lice.
    So Halykoo developed me to help you to fight them — Bye-Bye Head Lice Conditioner Spray is a treatment for eliminating head lice and their eggs easily!
    What’s my job? First of all, to suffocate the eggs and head lice to make them easier to remove, while protecting your child’s delicate scalp at the same time.
    Next I help to untangle his hair and get rid of any knots. So taking care of head lice and their eggs becomes quick and painless, thanks also to my convenient ‘2-in-1’ comb, the ideal way to send those unwanted guests on their way, getting rid of them right at the roots!
  2. Before you use me, let me explain what
    I’m made of...
    Do you know why I work so well? Because of my active ingredients! Working together, their triple action is tough when needed, but also gentle on your child’s skin and hair. Dimethicone suffocates the eggs and head lice, and along with apple vinegar, makes it easier to remove them. Meanwhile, thanks to its polysaccharides, aloe vera creates a layer on the scalp which helps to protect from any skin irritation. And then there’s organically- grown apricot oil that pampers the hair while protecting and nourishing it, making it soft and silky. And that’s not all! Did you see my special ‘weapons’? One is the professional nozzle that lets you apply me effectively in exactly the right places, only where I’m needed. The other one is the ‘2-in-1’ comb. You can use its rounded teeth to spread me evenly all over, and then carefully remove these unwanted guests with the flexible fine blue teeth.
    And one last thing! Did you know that my formula has been developed and is suitable for use on even the most delicate skin? Which is exactly why I’m suitable for children 12 months of age and up.
  3. ...the best place to store me...
    Store me between 8°C and 30°C in a cool dry cabinet, away from heat, sunlight... and curious children!
  4. ...what you should check before using me!
    First of all, check my use-by date which refers to the intact product that’s been stored correctly. Don’t use me beyond that date or 6 months after opening. Make sure that my packaging isn’t damaged, and that the nozzle hasn’t already been activated. Before using me, please read the illustrated leaflet carefully and keep it for future reference.
  5. Here’s how to get the best out of me!
    Shake me well before use, then turn my safety catch to release the nozzle.
    Holding me 4–5 cm away from your child’s head, spray me onto dry hair until the hair roots and scalp are thoroughly soaked.
    Carefully massage into the scalp, especially around the back of the neck and the area behind the ears.
    Spray me again on the whole length of the hair, making sure I’m distributed evenly using the rounded teeth of the comb. After the end of the application, leave me on for at least 15 minutes, or longer to increase my effectiveness, but not for more than 1 hour.
    Then, with the flexible blue teeth, carefully comb through from the roots to the ends of the hair to remove the head lice and their eggs, making sure to clean the comb each time to avoid further infestation.
    Finished? Good. Now wash your child’s hair with your usual shampoo, turn my safety catch back to the ‘off’ position so that I’ll be stored properly and there are no accidental leaks. Repeat the application after 7 days, to ensure that the life cycle of the head lice is completely broken.
    There’s enough of me for 2 treatments, depending on the length of your child’s hair.
    Keep in mind that head lice won’t become resistant to my formula, so you can use me as often as necessary.
  6. ...lastly, just a few things to be aware of...!
    First of all, you need to know that I’m suitable for use for children 12 months of age and older.
    Make sure I’m always applied by an adult and that you don’t leave your child alone during treatment.
    Don’t use me on broken skin, and avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth and mucous membranes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse them repeatedly with running water. Do not inhale me, and in case of swallowing, consult your doctor immediately.
    The scalp might become itchy or slightly irritated during treatment. In case of any skin reaction or side effect, stop using me immediately, rinse carefully and consult your doctor.
    I do not contain neurotoxins, chemical insecticides or antiparasitics, nor parabens, phenoxyethanol, colouring agents or allergens.
    Don’t use me if you know or suspect your child is hypersensitive to any of my components, and ask your doctor’s advice before using me in concomitance with other drugs or medical devices.
    Don’t spray me if my bottle is damaged or if my nozzle has already been activated. And finally... two more things! Keep in mind that I am a medical device treatment strictly for external use on the hair and scalp, and that I haven’t been tested for continuous and long-term use. Always follow my instructions for use to reduce the risk of side effects.
Helps to distribute the
conditioner spray evenly,
ensuring head lice and their
eggs are successfully removed.
The handy, effective nozzle’s
aim never misses, guaranteeing
an ultra-precise application.