Blocked up nose? Troubled sleep? Blow these discomforts away safely
with an aromatic cuddle
Even the airways of new-born babies can become congested,
and when this happens... forget about sleeping soundly!
An aromatic massage is just the ticket to safely restore your
child’s well-being and create a bond between you.

Vapo-Cuddle chest rub with
Siberian fir oil

Gives natural relief through
gentle massage

  1. Here’s how I can help you!
    Right from the very first months of life, your little one’s health can be affected by small ailments. However, although they might seem small, they’re also annoying because they can disrupt his sleep. But from now on, you can count on me to try to relax and comfort him. I’m Halykoo Vapo-Cuddle Chest Rub, a soothing and aromatic cream with siberian fir needle essential oil. Apply me to your child’s back and chest while massaging gently and he’ll have an all-over feeling of well-being in no time at all. Use me every time that he needs a soothing and comforting cuddle. I’ll make sure he breathes peacefully and has a restful sleep too!
  2. Before you use me, let me explain what
    I’m made of...
    Do you want to know why I work so well? I’ll tell you right now - it’s all about my ingredients, carefully selected for your child! That’s because, first of all, I’m a cream made with siberian fir essential oil, well-known for its beneficial soothing action - and that’s a fact!
    But that’s not all.
    My siberian fir essential oil blends harmoniously with my other ingredients, which have all been carefully chosen for one reason only – to give your child an overall feeling of relief! On the one hand, panthenol and vitamin E, known for their hydrating and protective properties, help you to gently massage your little one’s skin, and on the other, certified organic blueberry butter has an intense nourishing effect.
    My formula has been specifically tested on sensitive skin to give you complete confidence, which is why you can use me from the age of 3 months.
    On top of that, I’m a cream with a soft and silky consistency that’s ideal for massaging without being oily.
  3. ...the best place to store me...
    Store me in a cool, dry place, preferably below 25°C, away from heat and sunlight... and overly curious children!
  4. ...what you should check before using me!
    First of all, always make sure that my packaging isn’t damaged, as you never know. Then check my use-by date, which you’ll find on the bottom of my pack and on the end of my tube. It’s only valid if my packaging is intact and I’ve been stored correctly. Don’t forget to use me within 6 months of the first application!
  5. Here’s how to get the best out of me!
    Take a small amount of cream, and apply me to your little one’s body, especially before bedtime, gently massaging his back and chest. Continue to rub me in lovingly until I’m fully absorbed. It only takes a few minutes to release my soothing action!
    You can use me once or twice a day, depending on your child’s needs. Before putting me back in my box, make sure that there isn’t any cream left on my applicator, so I’ll always be at the ready!
  6. ...lastly, just a few things to be aware of...!
    I’m a cosmetic cream suitable for the skin of children 3 months and older.
    Don’t apply me if your little one was born premature.
    Make sure to only use me on the skin (I’m for external use only) and don’t apply me near the eyes, face, mucous membranes, on small sores, or on areas of broken or irritated skin.
    In case of contact with your child’s eyes or mucous membranes, don’t hesitate to rinse repeatedly with running water until you’re sure I’m completely gone.
    My formula has been dermatologically tested to minimise the risk of allergic reactions, but in the event of any sudden undesirable reactions after application, avoid further use and consult your doctor.
    I don’t contain menthol, petrolatum or mineral oils, nor parabens, preservatives, colouring or phenoxyethanol. My composition is suitable for children, but even so, always be cautious and don’t exceed recommended usage amounts.
    Read my list of components carefully and don’t use me in case of your child’s known or suspected hypersensitivity to any of them.
    Please read the illustrated leaflet carefully and keep for future reference.
Intense nourishing
action for the most
delicate skin types.